Friday, July 20, 2012

Day whatever

I haven't documented my plants for a while because the growth was becoming less noticeable. They produced some fruit and it seemed FOREVER before they ripened. This last week however, it has been hot and they haven't had as much water (I've been out of town), so they spent that time ripening rather than growing. I've plucked about a dozen little pear tomatoes and three heirloom. Two of the heirloom were small and half rotten on the bottom. The other one is my prize. The first to grow and largest this far. I bought some mozzarella cheese to enjoy with it as a caprese salad.

I have started pulling another set of tomato worms off the plants again as well. Between those and the weather, my plants have seen better days.

On the other hand, my carrots have shot up since I thinned them, and my peppermint is growing like a weed.