Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 35

It has been a tough week for the tomatoes. The previous two days have been 100 degrees. Here is a little extra information: container plants - vegetables - need watered every day. I didn't water the previous evening - got a little busy with the parents. So after missing some water and then hot temperatures... they looked pretty sad Thursday night. 
Sad plant
Here it is the next morning. I watered it in the evening, the morning, and the evening again. I also moved the plants to the other side of the patio with more shade. Unfortunately, it is by the air conditioning unit; its' not so pretty on that side. Although it looked even better after the 2nd day of triple digits.
on the mend
New spot for the tomatoes. More shade

So despite the tomatoes trauma, they are still pretty big. The herbs are looking pretty good - the basil hasn't grown up much, but the parsley and oregano has taken off! 
whew- that oregano is getting big

oh- one more thing! this morning on Pinterest I saw a container with carrots - it looked pretty easy to grow them and I had some extra soil. So when I found myself wandering past the pots - actually after spotting the pots from the other side of the store - I shortly found a pot and pack of carrot seeds in my cart. I'd take a picture, but now it just looks like a pot of dirt. ;-)

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