Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 49

The real battle begins! This morning I found 4 tomato hornworms on my plants. 3 on the pear tomato and 1 on the other. Almost missed the last one. I hope I got them all. I scour those bushes daily now looking for budding fruit and never saw any worms. Where do they come from?!!
I can see on the leaves they have been snacking. **update** found another one on the pear tomato plant. Argh!
I am also going to have to start watering multiple times a day. Today's forecast:

On the happy side I do have a lot more fruit - especially on the pear tomato plant; it is going crazy.
Nice bushy tomato plants. Freshly watered before today's high
Big and little tomatoes
Just a few of the pear tomatoes
The culprits
Flourishing herbs
Sprouting carrots

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